Saturday, August 9, 2014

Training at the CCM in Mexico City, Mexico

Roommates also called to Concepcion

Week 2

July 15, 2014

Hey guys!!

          It´s going great here the foods pretty much ok and we get pizza on Tuesday which is our P-Day so that´s really sweet. Me and my companion have taught another two more investigators and we've been killing on teaching the lessons in Spanish. Also, they have something called the Tienda or in English it's known as the store basically which allows me to grab what I need. I'll be sending some Mexican Pesos back home to you guys in my letter I'm sending. Concerning your letters, I haven't received them yet but it takes a little while for the letters to get down here, I think it's about 2 to 3 weeks both ways. But there is something you guys can do for me and that's go to and i can actually sort of receive a "care package" from there because it´s a locally owned lds business. The people down here are awesome and so nice and are such hard workers it's amazing. It was great getting the new batch of greenies here and being able to help them get through the first week because seriously it's the hardest one they'll have at the CCM. Actually the one thing now that I'm looking back on it that I should've grabbed were more pens and pencils with all the writing and studying I'm doing. Speaking of studying, I've already gotten up to Alma 33 in the Book Of Mormon and it just astonishes me how every time I read from it that I seem to receive some new insight into a particular verse and just how truly important the Book Of Mormon really is. Singing has been a little rough lately with everything that's going on in my throat but at least i'm not as bad off as some who received a little bit of Montezuma's revenge this week. I've been studying reallly hard down here and love how in tune everyone is with the Gospel here. I love and miss you guys so much and hope to be able to hear from you all.

                                                                                                 -Elder Haynes

Week 3

July 22, 2014

Hey Mom,

Went to the Mexico City Temple and it is so beautiful.
This is the Christus in the Visitor Center
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Mexico City Temple
 I´ve got to keep it short as well with so little time I have but everything´s going great down and I´ve just gotten into Moroni in the BOM so not just yet. To answer your question, the coolest thing I´ve learned about the Gospel this week was probably when Captain Moroni had Zerahemnah in submission and told him that if they would covenant to not take up arms against the Nephites again then they could leave in peace. Zedekiah said he couldn´t make the oath because he knew they would break it so Moroni handed back Zerahemnah´s weapons to him and simply stated as it´s found in Alma 44:10 Behold we will end the conflict. When he said that, I just thought it was awesome how Moroni was just like -you know what I´ve had enough of you and we´re not going to let you come back to attack us, basically. It was just awesome I thought.

Love you mom and I hope Girls Camp is going well!!

Week 4

July 28, 2014

Hey Guys!!

This is one of my teachers Hermano V.
who "acted" like our first Investigato
 and is now making us speak
straight Spanish from now on.
It´s going great down here but there has been some friendly competition warming up in both our district and branch. We as a district have been destroying the other districts in whatever sport we play, including the one we kind of made up called handball which is by far one of the funnest games I´ve played yet. Within our own district we´ve also got the questions about which one, Queen or Taylor Swift, Pokemon or Bending and Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter so needles to say it´s gotten a little heated sometimes but it´s alright we always get over it. The food's ok as always but it´s P-Day which means it´s pizza tonight!! 

Picture of our District

Picture of our Zone
The weeks been kinda boring except that 12B left for Peru last night so they're probably getting to preaching right now. Also last night we did decide to have a water gun war between our districts room in the casa so needless to say i´m pulling a Teancum tonight and finish this war with one shot to the heart (; 
I´ve been doing great with the Spanish and teaching the lessons and it just makes me want to get out there and start teaching the gospel to everyone. The devotionals and movies we´ve had have really helped me to feel the Spirit here at the CCM. There is no better feeling in all the world than when you´re teaching and all of a sudden you can connect with an investigator on a personal note and make that connection with the Spirit and you act as the conduit for it, there is no feeling in all the world that can describe it: I love you guys and hope everything is well in the States or wherever you´re at. Keep me updated with everything that´s going on please?

-Elder Haynes

Week 5

August 5, 2014

Hey Dad!!

So alot has happened in this last week actually. 

I got my itinerary and i leave on Monday night at 8:30 from Mexico so i´m pumped for that. It´s going to be a twelve hour trip including the layover in Santiago. Our whole District is going to Concepcion South so well all be on the same plane together.

Yeah I kinda expected that from Jeremiah but you tell him I´m not backing on the deal and I´ll wait for him to get back. Please don´t mention anything of the Hobbit or The Lord Of The Rings it´s just downright torturous to hear anything about it (Trailers are out for the new hobbit). 

Happy Birthday wishes to Mom :)
I hope bowling was fun and I´ve done something for mom so she'll get that in my email today. I´ve heard that the little bros are doing well and i hope it just keeps getting better. I´m super excited that you´re getting into shape, maybe well have to race when I get back- because honestly the thin air up here sucks to run in. I hope Nephi sticks to the wrestling and that we´ll be able to wrestle when I get back. Also, I loved the candy care package you guys sent me last week. Keep up with the soda kick dad, I haven´t been able to do that yet but I´ll be needing it with the Chile water.

It´s been crazy here, we had our district picture yesterday for our farewell and we all decided to wear white ties in our district. We´ve got a huge game of Handball with all the newbies today so we´re going to have destroy them in that.  Also I´ve got my Flight itinerary so i'll send you guys a pic of that and some other stuff i have. Also I saw Hermana Collins get ready to leave so I´ll send you our last pic. 

I was wondering if you could send me an mp3 player with the music I've written up to the Chile mission area it would be awesome!! I can't believe i forgot to pack music but here's a list I've written up for you so you can see what I want otherwise I'm pretty much good and I'm just pumped to get out of here.

Also I've got some new pics for you guys and I'll send an explanation with each. Actually scratch that, I'll write out what i want because Elder C. doesn't have his converter so I'll send those to you guys next chance I get. But i will send the list of music i would like, just basically anything else you can find for me that you think I'll like please? If you could do that it would be awesome and it would really help to make the apartment feel like home. I love you guys and wish that you guys could talk to me when I'm on but I know that that can be difficult in my time zone but not in Chile where I'm back to East Coast Time. Don't forget to keep me updated on how Florida does this year in basketball and football so I can keep up with the sports at home. I love you and just want you to know that I'm just so ready to get out and start preaching!!


Elder Haynes

Last P-Day before departing the CCM

August 9, 2014

Hey Guys!!!!
      I just got the chance to tell you whats going on right before I leave. We leave the CCM at 4pm on Monday and we leave at 8:25 on that night for an almost 13 hour total trip. Hopefully I'll catch up on some sleep on the way down, heck, I might even be able to place a Book Of Mormon. We'll see how effective the CCM teaching is on the plane. I just wanted to let you guys know that I feel ready to go out and preach the Gospel to the world.


-Elder Haynes

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