Monday, December 29, 2014

Family Baptism

                                                      Hey Guys,

I don't have a lot of time today but I just want to let you guys know that the baptism was awesome and we had a great time. She was confirmed the next day and H., their son, was confirmed after the Baptism which was awesome because they called me up to participate in the confirmation. I've got pics to send but not a lot of time since we have to leave to get to the Lunch today because our schedule changed
 up a little.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Fitting in small spaces isn't such a bad thing

2014 Concepcion South
Christmas Conference
So this week has been crazy!!!!
CCM District
Tuesday we had a great day of work and at our almuerzo-that's just lunch for you guys- I had to climb up the attic of the members house to grab and find the Christmas tree and lights they had because I was the only one small enough to get up into the attic and be able to move around up there. So that was fun. Wednesday we had our Christmas Conference which was awesome! I finally got my Bible since my other one got destroyed, also I got to meet up with some of the people from my CCM District so that was awesome to be able to see everyone. We all had great skits and everything. 

Inter Cambio with
 Mission grandfather
Thursday I had a great inter-cambio or mini exchange with my grandfather in the mission, Elder B., who trained Elder M. so technically that's how he's my grandfather. He dies this cambio so he wanted to work one day with his grandson, one time before he leaves. It was just a great day of work we had. Friday was a good day as we got back together in Las Americas and got some work done. Then on Saturday we gave like 4 hours of service to carrying wood out to a members house, and by a lot of wood, I mean almost 2000 pieces of wood and Elder Baez and I were just pretty much working all day. Sunday we just had no time to do anyrhing because we had to prepare for a Christmas devotional that we had that pretty much took all night. We had the cambios today and noone is going anywhere, but Elder Sanders got elevated to position of District Leader which is going to be super fun, I can already tell. How's it up there with you guys and yes, I will be able to Skype with you guys on Christmas and also email you guys like twice in the same week because of New Years as well. It's going to be awesome down here and hope everything will be with you guys.
  -Elder Haynes

Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Package and a Wedding!

Hey Guys,
So two weeks has gone by since my last email, and I know my mom is going crazy waiting for something explaining about my life out here, so I've got it written up.
First off, I received the birthday/Christmas package and it was amazing! I loved the dinosaur and what everyone wrote so much. I know probably that everyone didn't understand exactly the hidden meaning behind it, but I sure understood and loved it all. The Christmas Advent Calendar has been awesome and we sing the hymn/song generally everyday, but seriously the golden Christmas presents are freaking killing me and I cant wait to open them.
Down here we changed houses last week which was just fun as we transferred everything thinking it was the Mission's. It wasn't, so now we have had to return everything back to the other house and receive different things in the house to help us get by.
Thursday night we had the marriage ceremony of the Family E. and finally we have a secure fecha (date)
for their baptism which will be on December 27th. They'll step into the waters of baptism and start their journey in the church as members and take these baptismal covenants.
I feel so blessed to be out here and to be able to teach the people here in Chile and invite them to step into the waters of baptism and hear our words and receive a remission of their sin through Jesus Christ.
 I love you guys and hope all is well.
                         Love Elder Haynes

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Most Fulfilling Week of My Life

Hey guys!
So, this week has been one of the most fulfilling in all of my life. We had interviews with Presidente Bluth last Friday and he has helped me out with so many things in my life and I'm so grateful for his example as our Mission President. He and Hermana Bluth are such great examples for us (not to mention Hermana Bluth's cooking is amazing). They are constantly receiving revelation and trying all they can to help us and for that I am so grateful.
This week we had Stake Conference and we got to assist with the Saturday session for the Mission Work where Presidente and Hermana Bluth came and spoke as well. The next day they were talking about the missionaries and how they need the help of the members because without the members the mission work is nothing. Presidente used the analogy of M&M's and the actual meaning of M&M's are Members & Missionaries and how when they work together - it's an amazingly sweet candy.
I haven't got a lot of letters lately and I don't know exactly what's going on at home and in the Ward. Oh, and what do you mean Clayton got married! I left for three months and Bam that came out of nowhere, Lol. Anyways, besides those bombs what else is going on in Ocala 2 and in Florida. I know you guys are getting the cold right now which I'm missing. I love you guys and hope that everything's great up there.
                                                                       Love, Elder Haynes

Monday, November 10, 2014

Work! Work! Work!

Hey Guys,

                  So this week was hectic as always, on Monday Elder M. got the call to go back to a previous area again and the funny thing is that his new comp is Elder C., who was my comp in the CCM, small world huh? Tuesday, I picked up my new comp Elder B. who's from Santiago, and he's finishing his mission in 3 months. He's extremely chill and loves to have the members help us out in our lessons so our investigators have someone who's not dressed in white with a nametag to fellowship with. Tuesday was mostly spent trying to get him settled into the area and introducing him to the leaders of the ward. Wednesday was slow and just mainly searching for new and have some lessons.
Thursday, we got a call from Elder Pendley, the Accountant of the Mission and he told us that we have till December 1st to find another house, because the people who own the house are going to need it for family who's moving to LA. If we cant find anywhere, we're going to have to sleep in the chapel for a little while. Friday we had our activity which more or less worked out. We didn't have alot of attendence at the activity but we, as the missionaries, taught well - I thought. Saturday was spent working in the Cuico section of our sector to find futures and to find a really interested new investigator as well. We found 5 new futures and 1 new investigator which was a serious blessing because we found almost nothing the first time. Sunday we had a hard time trying to find people in the Rios/slightly ghetto part of our sector. We found a couple of futures and we taught one of investigators named V. who's searching so hard to find out if the Book Of Mormon is true or not. We think the problem is it's because she's not attending the church so she's not getting this extra spiritual boost to learn and hear the whisperings of the spirit.
I've realized that there's alot of stuff I should've done before the mission, I didn't spend nearly enough time with my family, my brothers and sister and parents as I should have. But I've learned so much and when I come back there's alot of things that are going to be different. I love you guys and hope everyone is safe and that everyone's great up there in Florida.
                                                     Love- Elder Haynes

Monday, November 3, 2014

Many Noche De Hogar!

Hey Guys,
Sorry, no pics since my bag and camera fell in the canal.
I`ve had a great week here in the MisiĆ²n Celestial. Monday we had a Noche De Hogar (Family Home Evening) with a less active family and we watched the John Tanner movie, which was awesome to explain how someone who had so much was able,willing and did give all he had to the church and how we can keep the commandments as John Tanner did.
Tuesday we were planning for our activity for this Friday, that`s aiming to help and encourage the members to talk to their neighbors and to share the Gospel in their lives at home more, leading to referrals. The problem is that alot of people dont feel comfortable, so we`re showing them how we can do it together.
Wednesday was a difficult day for us. We were contacting in the Cuico section of the area, which is about a 40 minute walk, trying to find more investigators. We struck gold and found not only a super receptive person named F. in a very difficult area but she also speaks English as well. She studied for 6 years in New Zealand which is really cool, and she wants to hear more from us, so I have hope.
Thursday was unproductive trying to find more people to teach, but we had a lesson with someone who could hopefully have a baptismal date very soon named C. Friday was filled with more contacting this week and was probably the hardest day for us.
Saturday we had the Dia Sagrado (Holy Day) where alot of people go to the cemetaries to pay respects to their ancestors. We set up a booth to teach about the Plan of Salvation and trying to help people to be relieved in their grief.
Sunday was awesome as always, we had a Noche de Hogar (FHE) with Familia E. and with Familia I. which was awesome as we listened to a talk by Elder Zabellos titled Attempting the Impossible. It's about how we can learn in this life how to try to attempt the impossible and thats by keeping the commandments! Also we watched a mormon message called Because of Him which is awesome and I recommend you guys watch it.
Today we had the cambio (transfer) and I`ve offically finished my training. Elder M. is going to Temuco and he`s going to be with my old comp Elder C., so that's pretty cool. My new comp is going to be Elder B., who's Chileno. He`s got the missionary experience down and he'll help me with my Spanish and I`ll help him with his English.
It`s crazy to think that four months have gone by and that the mission has just flown by. Only 20 months left to go. I hope everything's good in the ward and at home and that everything is going great up there.        
                                                                              Love, Elder Haynes

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Testimony Has Been Strengthened

Hey Guys!!
      So I know that I've been slacking on the emails and I want to improve. So I'm going to give a day by day synopsis of everything that happened this week.

Pics of last week's mishap
Correction: The ditch is 7' x 15'
On Monday we had a FHE (Family Home Evening) with a less active family about the temple and the commandments that we need to keep in order to reach the temple and then the Celestial Kingdom. I had been a little sick so on Tuesday after our District meeting, I had to go grab some meds that the mission nurse told me to take. All is pretty much cleared up now. Tuesday night we had a missionary correlation meeting with our new Ward Mission Leader, Hermano Rocha, where we explained about our ward mission plan and how we can utilize the members in our efforts. After this we had a PEC meeting with leaders of the priesthood in the ward and we discussed our investigators, less actives, recent converts and how we can help them. This meeting is important and helps us plan how to help our investigators.
Wednesday we had a meeting with one of our investigators named S. and her little brother B. was there for the first time. He was talking, I turned my head to look at him and I could've sworn he was wearing baptismal clothing for a second. It freaked me out for a second but now I'm even more determined to help them to progress to a baptism. We've also been working with a lot of less actives lately to come back to church as part of a rescate ,so we met with a less active named H. and we're working to help him return back to the church with his family. Thursday we had a joint FHE with a part-member family named Familia E. and another family, so we could build friendships in the ward. The E.  family is awesome. The dad and oldest daughter are members, but the mom and a son aren't and now they want to be baptized. They're taking all the lessons and doing all they can to get married so they can be baptized. Our FHE was about the Proclamation on the Family and how the family can be bettered by love and service to each other. Friday night we had a FHE with the Stake President and one of our investigators named L.  and her daughter J. so they could see the love that we know and can express as a family.
Sunday we had church which is as always an awesome experience. Familia E. came, none of our current investigators came which was a little bit of a bummer, but we had 161 people in the chapel which was about 30 more than usual, so our efforts in rescate are hopefully working. We had a lesson with an investigator named V. and G., her daughter. At the end of the lesson I felt a fire in my chest that made me think that my shirt was going to go up in flames with how hot it was. I know it was the Holy Ghost testifying to me that the things we taught were true and that this is the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth and we are here preaching so that all can partake of it. It was the strongest I've felt the Spirit yet on the mission and I hope to be able to feel that power again and that same fire which was in my heart. My testimony has been strengthened so much by this experience and I hope our investigtors will be able to gain this same testimony of the restored Gospel. I love you guys, and all the support I`ve recieved helps me to get up and do what is necessary when at times I don't think I can do more. Stay safe and as long as we are strong and keep faith in our Lord, He will be with us wherever we go.
                                                            Your servant in The Lord,
                                                                                   Elder Haynes 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

One Crazy Week

Hey Guys!!,

    So I know I always say this but this last week from my last Pday has been the craziest by far! First off we had our Zone Conference with President Bluth  which was awesome, I took alot of notes on all the talks and training we had. They gave us empanadas for lunch which was very much appreciated. I had one that was made with chicken and corn. Yes I know, I've been eating alot of different vegetables like corn, peas, asparagus, and other thingsbut I still absolutely hate salad and tomatos. At the conference I also prematurely celebrated my birthday and they gave all of us who had birthdays, chocolate bars and took pics. I think they're posted on Sister Bluths blog. I got the package with the pics, my music-which for some reason all the music doesn't show up so I don't know if that was a problem with downloading or not- my nutella and beef jerky, and I especially loved the picture of Teancum that Maddie drew. Like I mean I knew she was good, just not that good. I got alot more Dear Elders as well which were reallly apreciated. I love being able to hear about what's going on at home. I got the letters from Maddie and also the copy of Elder Rust's letter which I have read both many times this last week.
The night of the conference we had PEC which is where we meet up with all the priesthood leaders in the ward and discuss what we can do for the mission work. President Bluth surprised us by joining us in the middle ofthe meeting. Fortunately we have an awesome ward and we had a great meeting, so great in fact that President Bluth said it was the best PEC he's seen yet as a mission president. After that, President Bluth took us out to dinner and we all have pics. Check Sister Bluth's to get some better pics. Needless to say it was an awesome day. Well the next day wasn't. We were crossing a 15 ft sewage canal to get to an appointment a little bit quicker. What we normally do is cross through some trees but they were cut down so we had to get through by jumping off one of the tree stumps, well I've got to say was bad idea. My bag fell into this nasty sewage canal filled with about 2 ft of water. I had to take off my shoes and roll up my pants and climb down the tree root to get into the canal. I got my bag out but let's just say all my scriptures(Spanish) are destroyed and my camera is over with a member of the Mission Presidency because he's an electronics expert and may be able to fix it for me. I threw all my sd cards and usb stuf into a bag filled with rice and they all work right now so that's something I'm extremely thankful for. But I'll need to buy another set of Spanish Scriptures from LDS store which will cost about 30$. I feel horrible that this happened and that I have to put this strain on along with my contacts that I'll need to buy soon as well. Yes, my week has been crazy with trying to teach and worrying about all my stuff as well. Yes, the other Elders did get pics so I'll be sending those soon so you guys can know how bad it was. So,
I think I'm a little justifed in calling my week a crazy one with a fun but disheartening adventure in the middle of it. I hope everything is going alot better over there in Florida especiallly with winter coming in. Love you guys and I hope everything is good.

                                                                 Love, Elder Haynes

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Seeing in Double Vision

Hey Guys!!!!

ZL who reminds me
of Elder Rust
              Hows everything going up there in Florida? I hope conference was great, it was for me as the first time that I watched all the sessions which I will recommend to everyone from now on!!! So many things I realized I've missed because I didn't watch the Saturday (afternoon) Sessions which I felt like had some of the best stuff. Which one was your guys' favorite talk? Everyone in the mission was super glad for Elder Bednar's for those who aren't members, which was awesome for everyone. We had 5 investigators come to church for General Conference so we were extremely glad for that and hopefully they'll keep coming. Everyone's super-pumped for missionary work and I was thankful for the opportunity to watch and understand in English (we usually hear the voice of an interpreter and it was nice to hear everyone's natural voices). I've realized something though and it's that I've started to forget English. One of our recent converts named R. asked if I could say a prayer in English and as I was saying it half the time, I was saying Spanish words for the English ones, so needless to say my language is coming along great. In my weekly letter to the President, I'm sending them in Spanish now which is why it takes me a little longer to get back to you guys, but I still get plenty of time.
Awesome Sandwich

I've sent a pic of my lunch today since it was a great P-Day (preparation day - laundry, shopping, etc.) lunch and also a pic of my ZL (Zone Leader) who looks exactly like one of of my mission buds, Elder Rust, who's serving  in Paraguay right now. When I saw him I was wondering how the heck did he get transferred from Paraguay to Chile, but it turned out he's just a ZL who looks a lot like him. I've got the list of questions you sent and I'm gonna write down the list of answers for next week. Also, I've received a few of the Dear Elder letters, which was really nice. I'm not gonna lie, I received three of them and I'll probably get more next week with this AP training that we'll have. Love you all and hope that you guys will write.

I know I look awesome on this bike!
Belongs to a member who let me pose.
P.S. That's perfect with the package and yes I'll be writing and sending a letter next P-Day for you guys with some cool stuff I got.  Cool to see the gator and yes, I'll probably get the package this week and thanks for the Mormonads.    

                                  -Love Elder Haynes

Monday, September 22, 2014

Dies Y Ocho

Hey Guys,
 How are you all and how's everything going?!!  So a lot happened this week. We just had our cambio (change) and one of the elders of the house, Elder Y., is being transferred to a different sector. His Junior Comp (companion) is now going to be a Senior Comp and trainer, so he's going to be very busy. This just means I'll have a new cousin (new roommate) on the mission now, so that'll be great. I got my contacts today so its going to be 120,000 Chilean pesos so I don't know the conversion, but probably 200 dollars I think or somewhere around there.
This week was the week of dies y ocho which is Chile's Independence day and it's a huge celebration that we were able to spend with the Bishop's family. We had a lot of assado which is just basically lots of meat on the grill. So, we had a ton of food and yes, I have gained some weight, just don't tell coach on me.

We've got a new family named the B.'s that we are teaching and were super pumped for them. Also, we have gotten a whole lot of new investigators and some of them have baptismal dates. It's hard to get them to come to church right now so its been hard to have a baptism happen. I'm so glad to have the chance to be out here and to preach His gospel to bless families everywhere. I love you guys and hope everything is great there.


 - Love Elder Haynes



Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Exchange to Santa Barbera

Rio Bio Bio
September 15, 2014

Hey Guys, 

 Just want to give you guys an update on whats going on in the last week. On Tuesday, I had a companionship exchange with my DL's (District Leader) companion, Elder T. I went to another sector called Santa Barbera for the night, which is amazing. It's about an hour in the mountains from LA (Los Angeles). You can see an inactive volcano and the Rio Bio Bio (River) which is huge and so beautiful. Don't worry I'm sending pics, so you guys will be able to  get the chance to see what I'm seeing. We're actually going to have another companion exchange this week so I'll be here with my DL, Elder H., who's a really cool guy. It's going to be awesome! I had to go to Concepcion for my eye appt so we took a charter bus to get there. I received my prescription so the appt will be around 50$ and the contacts probably 150-200. I'll let you guys know. 

Chile's Inactive Chaiten Volcano
We've had a hard time getting people to come to church but we've had a part member family attending where the Dad's a member but everyone else isn't. He has a son who's of baptismal age and he wants to be able to baptise him and his wife as well. We also have another family we are teaching and two of them have baptismal dates. They (the other members) are really searching for an answer and we are excited for them. Also, I finished Jesus the Christ which was an amazing book!!! Everyone is super pumped for 18 ordies y ocho which is the biggest holiday of the year with alot of grilling and empenadas, so well see how many pounds I can gain this week. You can tell its the 18th when you can't count how many drunk people you jump over. Everything's going great down here and I hope everything is great there with the new car and such. I call the 44, no questions about it and I'll wrestle anyone for it! I love you guys and hope that you guys stay safe and sound till the mission's over and then, well, safe and sound from a distance will no longer be used then. 

Love you all.

Elder Haynes

Note from Mom:  He has inspired me to read Jesus the Christ! I found it for free, including audio files on this lds media library website

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Return and Report

September 8, 2014

This picture was taken inside
 the house we share with Elder Y. and Elder S.
We traveled to Concepcion for Return and Report today, that’s why I’m emailing late. It’s just to make sure we know all the rules and that our trainers are doing everything they can. I got to see all my MTC buddies which was awesome and I got to see my old comp Elder Clay. We were able to share some stories about our last four weeks. We've decided to have a reunion back in Utah a year after we get back, so we’ll see how that works out.

I talked to Hermana P today and they're going to let me know when I can get scheduled for an eye exam. It will probably be in Concepcion since that’s where they have a lot of medical contacts. I will let you know how much it is as well, so that way we’re all squared away.

It's all right about mailing the package later. Hopefully Maddie will see what I asked her to include in it and have it ready by then. I'd love to get my patriarchal blessing and if you guys could get that it would be amazing. I haven't gotten any dear elders yet but we’ll see how long it takes. My week has been packed.

Hey guys I also got some new pajamas that you guys might like so......what do you think? Everyone’s got a set of pajamas we’ve got Wolverine, Iron Man, and the Joker so were going to have some epic battle scenes with them. Lol.       

I had a great lesson with an inactive member this week whose wife was really strong in the church, but after she died they stopped coming. I shared with him D&C122:7-8 which is just awesome to read when we have hard challenges in our life. I think he really felt the spirit and he’s trying to get through this difficult time as well.  I want you guys to know that I love you and hope that the family is safe and staying strong.

                             Love Elder Haynes

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Everything is Awesome!

Hey Guys!

The Spanish is coming along but I need to still continually work on it. Zone Conferences are great except for the fact that they're always in Spanish and I miss some stuff, but I'm learning. My comp, Elder M., has been out a whole year so he's got the missionary thing down. We went to a waterfall last week and I'm trying to send pics again, so hopefully it works this week.

To answer your questions.........the food here is generally good and I only have to make breakfast and dinner because the members make us Almuerzo (lunch) everyday except for P-day, where we are on our own. Our laundry gets done by Hermana F., who is our Mamacita in the ward. I've been semi-working out but not a fan of getting out of my warm bed into a 60 degree house at 7 in the morning, but I'm working on it.The Jesus the Christ reading is great. I've gotten to page 400 in the last two weeks. It rains a lot down here so we need to generally always have a jacket. Everybody's pumped for September 18th which is the biggest holiday of the year because it's Chile's Independence Day-everyone down here goes crazy for it! Yes, we have enough money for our needs. So, no worries.

We've got 150 people in the ward generally and I've heard this is the best area in the mission. We teach anyone and everyone who's willing to listen to our message. It's been great! We'll sometimes come across a whole family of investigators, and I love it when they're ready and willing to participate in the lesson. Just the other night we taught an investigator named F. and he's really prepared to listen to our message. He wants to know more about why there are so many churches in our day and not just one church.  

Love you guys and can’t wait for Christmas!
                                                             Elder Haynes

Monday, August 18, 2014

1st Week in Concepcion

Arrival in Concepcion Chile

August 12, 2014

Hey Guys,

Don't have enough time but I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm here in Chile and I'm all good i get to get my new companion tomorrow and my new P-day is on Monday, so look for my emails then. I wish I had more time to write but we have to get some training done and then we go over to hotel for one night of relaxation then it's crazy. Love you guys and I hope everything is good. 

Elder Haynes 

* Note  President and Sister Bluth write a blog about their day to day adventures with the incredible missionaries serving in the Concepcion South Mission. Check out what she has to say about this hectic day saying farewell to 29 and welcoming the arrival of 30 new missionaries.

New Companion and First Area

August 18, 2014


Elder Haynes and Elder M.
Everything's great here in Chile! I'm in the south sector of the Mission. It's a little cold here and it would be nice to get a new coat, but not this year because it's coming to an end and we're heading into Spring and I'm not worried about it. I've got a Wal-Mart here but it's known as Lider so that's funny, I thought. I can grab anything I need pretty much there. My comps name is Elder M. and he's from Lima Peru so he's been a great help with the Spanish and everything. The first week has been great and I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to be here and serve in this amazing Area. Love You and just want you to know that I'm doing great.

Love, Elder Haynes

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Training at the CCM in Mexico City, Mexico

Roommates also called to Concepcion

Week 2

July 15, 2014

Hey guys!!

          It´s going great here the foods pretty much ok and we get pizza on Tuesday which is our P-Day so that´s really sweet. Me and my companion have taught another two more investigators and we've been killing on teaching the lessons in Spanish. Also, they have something called the Tienda or in English it's known as the store basically which allows me to grab what I need. I'll be sending some Mexican Pesos back home to you guys in my letter I'm sending. Concerning your letters, I haven't received them yet but it takes a little while for the letters to get down here, I think it's about 2 to 3 weeks both ways. But there is something you guys can do for me and that's go to and i can actually sort of receive a "care package" from there because it´s a locally owned lds business. The people down here are awesome and so nice and are such hard workers it's amazing. It was great getting the new batch of greenies here and being able to help them get through the first week because seriously it's the hardest one they'll have at the CCM. Actually the one thing now that I'm looking back on it that I should've grabbed were more pens and pencils with all the writing and studying I'm doing. Speaking of studying, I've already gotten up to Alma 33 in the Book Of Mormon and it just astonishes me how every time I read from it that I seem to receive some new insight into a particular verse and just how truly important the Book Of Mormon really is. Singing has been a little rough lately with everything that's going on in my throat but at least i'm not as bad off as some who received a little bit of Montezuma's revenge this week. I've been studying reallly hard down here and love how in tune everyone is with the Gospel here. I love and miss you guys so much and hope to be able to hear from you all.

                                                                                                 -Elder Haynes

Week 3

July 22, 2014

Hey Mom,

Went to the Mexico City Temple and it is so beautiful.
This is the Christus in the Visitor Center
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Mexico City Temple
 I´ve got to keep it short as well with so little time I have but everything´s going great down and I´ve just gotten into Moroni in the BOM so not just yet. To answer your question, the coolest thing I´ve learned about the Gospel this week was probably when Captain Moroni had Zerahemnah in submission and told him that if they would covenant to not take up arms against the Nephites again then they could leave in peace. Zedekiah said he couldn´t make the oath because he knew they would break it so Moroni handed back Zerahemnah´s weapons to him and simply stated as it´s found in Alma 44:10 Behold we will end the conflict. When he said that, I just thought it was awesome how Moroni was just like -you know what I´ve had enough of you and we´re not going to let you come back to attack us, basically. It was just awesome I thought.

Love you mom and I hope Girls Camp is going well!!

Week 4

July 28, 2014

Hey Guys!!

This is one of my teachers Hermano V.
who "acted" like our first Investigato
 and is now making us speak
straight Spanish from now on.
It´s going great down here but there has been some friendly competition warming up in both our district and branch. We as a district have been destroying the other districts in whatever sport we play, including the one we kind of made up called handball which is by far one of the funnest games I´ve played yet. Within our own district we´ve also got the questions about which one, Queen or Taylor Swift, Pokemon or Bending and Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter so needles to say it´s gotten a little heated sometimes but it´s alright we always get over it. The food's ok as always but it´s P-Day which means it´s pizza tonight!! 

Picture of our District

Picture of our Zone
The weeks been kinda boring except that 12B left for Peru last night so they're probably getting to preaching right now. Also last night we did decide to have a water gun war between our districts room in the casa so needless to say i´m pulling a Teancum tonight and finish this war with one shot to the heart (; 
I´ve been doing great with the Spanish and teaching the lessons and it just makes me want to get out there and start teaching the gospel to everyone. The devotionals and movies we´ve had have really helped me to feel the Spirit here at the CCM. There is no better feeling in all the world than when you´re teaching and all of a sudden you can connect with an investigator on a personal note and make that connection with the Spirit and you act as the conduit for it, there is no feeling in all the world that can describe it: I love you guys and hope everything is well in the States or wherever you´re at. Keep me updated with everything that´s going on please?

-Elder Haynes

Week 5

August 5, 2014

Hey Dad!!

So alot has happened in this last week actually. 

I got my itinerary and i leave on Monday night at 8:30 from Mexico so i´m pumped for that. It´s going to be a twelve hour trip including the layover in Santiago. Our whole District is going to Concepcion South so well all be on the same plane together.

Yeah I kinda expected that from Jeremiah but you tell him I´m not backing on the deal and I´ll wait for him to get back. Please don´t mention anything of the Hobbit or The Lord Of The Rings it´s just downright torturous to hear anything about it (Trailers are out for the new hobbit). 

Happy Birthday wishes to Mom :)
I hope bowling was fun and I´ve done something for mom so she'll get that in my email today. I´ve heard that the little bros are doing well and i hope it just keeps getting better. I´m super excited that you´re getting into shape, maybe well have to race when I get back- because honestly the thin air up here sucks to run in. I hope Nephi sticks to the wrestling and that we´ll be able to wrestle when I get back. Also, I loved the candy care package you guys sent me last week. Keep up with the soda kick dad, I haven´t been able to do that yet but I´ll be needing it with the Chile water.

It´s been crazy here, we had our district picture yesterday for our farewell and we all decided to wear white ties in our district. We´ve got a huge game of Handball with all the newbies today so we´re going to have destroy them in that.  Also I´ve got my Flight itinerary so i'll send you guys a pic of that and some other stuff i have. Also I saw Hermana Collins get ready to leave so I´ll send you our last pic. 

I was wondering if you could send me an mp3 player with the music I've written up to the Chile mission area it would be awesome!! I can't believe i forgot to pack music but here's a list I've written up for you so you can see what I want otherwise I'm pretty much good and I'm just pumped to get out of here.

Also I've got some new pics for you guys and I'll send an explanation with each. Actually scratch that, I'll write out what i want because Elder C. doesn't have his converter so I'll send those to you guys next chance I get. But i will send the list of music i would like, just basically anything else you can find for me that you think I'll like please? If you could do that it would be awesome and it would really help to make the apartment feel like home. I love you guys and wish that you guys could talk to me when I'm on but I know that that can be difficult in my time zone but not in Chile where I'm back to East Coast Time. Don't forget to keep me updated on how Florida does this year in basketball and football so I can keep up with the sports at home. I love you and just want you to know that I'm just so ready to get out and start preaching!!


Elder Haynes

Last P-Day before departing the CCM

August 9, 2014

Hey Guys!!!!
      I just got the chance to tell you whats going on right before I leave. We leave the CCM at 4pm on Monday and we leave at 8:25 on that night for an almost 13 hour total trip. Hopefully I'll catch up on some sleep on the way down, heck, I might even be able to place a Book Of Mormon. We'll see how effective the CCM teaching is on the plane. I just wanted to let you guys know that I feel ready to go out and preach the Gospel to the world.


-Elder Haynes