Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Package and a Wedding!

Hey Guys,
So two weeks has gone by since my last email, and I know my mom is going crazy waiting for something explaining about my life out here, so I've got it written up.
First off, I received the birthday/Christmas package and it was amazing! I loved the dinosaur and what everyone wrote so much. I know probably that everyone didn't understand exactly the hidden meaning behind it, but I sure understood and loved it all. The Christmas Advent Calendar has been awesome and we sing the hymn/song generally everyday, but seriously the golden Christmas presents are freaking killing me and I cant wait to open them.
Down here we changed houses last week which was just fun as we transferred everything thinking it was the Mission's. It wasn't, so now we have had to return everything back to the other house and receive different things in the house to help us get by.
Thursday night we had the marriage ceremony of the Family E. and finally we have a secure fecha (date)
for their baptism which will be on December 27th. They'll step into the waters of baptism and start their journey in the church as members and take these baptismal covenants.
I feel so blessed to be out here and to be able to teach the people here in Chile and invite them to step into the waters of baptism and hear our words and receive a remission of their sin through Jesus Christ.
 I love you guys and hope all is well.
                         Love Elder Haynes

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