Monday, April 27, 2015

Short and sweet, video in Dropbox

Hi Mom, 

I just kinda wrote dad an update. Elder Gonzalez from the Area Presidency is coming to our mission so we had to fill out like a 20 minute cuestionaire that took forever. I've uploaded a video to dropbox and hope you like it. I haven't gotten the package yet but it's on it's way, it's in Concepcion right now so I'll get it in the next few weeks. I already got my other package which was awesome by the way and I can't wait for the Hobbit one. 

Don't have any details yet for Mother's Day, but it'll probably be somewhere from 5- 8 our time, I think. My new comp is awesome! He's from California and he knows both Spanish and English. It's been great as a DL. it's not difficult. I don't have any time to relax, just verifying with everyone and making sure that the District is good and obedient and baptizing. Hey dad, I had a question, were you ever like a DL or ZL in the mission or not. just a question? We had a couple of Volcano explosions and everything, but were pretty protected here in Loncoche because it's a big valley. Love You dad and I'll have Mothers Day info next week. Hope all is well up there in Florida and you guys enjoyed your vacation up there.

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Book of Mormon Is Key To Everything

Hey Guys,

     So this week we have cambios. My companion Elder O. goes off to Cunco which is in the zone of Temuco. This week alot has happened. We had a conference through Satelite transmision with Elder Oaks and we were able to hear him talk about something that is extremely close to me and that is prayer. He told us that if our investigators aren't praying they will never recieve a witness of the Book of Mormon. It's true, without the Book of Mormon in my life I don't know where I'd be right now. The Book of Mormon is key to everything because if it's true then it signifies everything else we believe is true, but if not it means we are the biggest liars in the world. Me personally, I'd prefer to be telling the truth and so I know through personal revelation that the Book Of Mormon is true and that God is not dead! He is real and everyone has the chance to know it as well. Modern day revelation is real and God does speak to His children and always will speak to us in our times of need. Remember if you have doubts to read and pray. Those are the two most important things to do. I love you guys and always will, Keep up the good work and stay strong as always.
                                  Love Elder Haynes

P.S. I can get the winter stuff I need here in Chile and I have no idea how much it will cost and that's great about the money be cause I'm a little bit on the broke side with all the traveling we've had to do. I think in total I'll need $200 because I have a rain jacket, but do need a sleeping bag and another big suitcase my last one broke on the way up here.

Thanks mom and my comp wanted to say to you that he loved the package. Also, the other package that we thought got robbed wasn't, just retained because of the beef jerky, so I recommend from now on that you don't send beef jerky. I love you mom and thanks for everything you do just know that you are awesome and it's difficult to send videos because internet speed down here is super slow and not nearly as good as the US.

Monday, April 13, 2015

If the world could just pray together for one thing.....


To answer your questions: Yes, I'd like to buy a sleeping bag as I'm in the coldest part of the mission for winter and yes music can only be EFY, Mormon Tab and a group called Nashville Tribute Band. All in English, please.

So I've been trying to send some of these videos but the internet cafes here don't have really good speed, like really it takes me 5 minutes to upload a photo. But for P-Day I've been booked out the wazoo. I'll get my package and letters tomorrow for District Meeting and then we have our conference through satellite transmission with Elder Oaks this week and that will be a great a source of revelation I think.

Volcano Villarrica that recently erupted
So for this week, I've found that prayer is the answer to our problems. I wont lie, this week was a little tough for me but I was able to go to my Heavenly Father in prayer and it wasn't some gigantic feeling of joy that came to me just a small sense of peace to be able to ask my Father in heaven for help. Sincerely, I feel like if the world could just pray together for one thing just everyone together for one purpose this world would be so much better. Prayer is real and it does promise peace if we pray in faith. I love you guys and I hope the best for you all.

        Elder Haynes

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Turn on the light switch

Hey guys,
So alots been happening this week. We had the baptism for an investigator named angel which was a miracle that we had and we were just super excited that we saw the miracle of his conversion. General Conference also took place it was awesome that we were able to see it down here. The first part we saw in Spanish and the Sunday session we saw it in English, which was super awesome. I really loved the talks by Elder Piercin and by Elder Nielson. They were both super inspiring for me and the fact that the Book of Mormon is the key to our Spiritual survival. Without the Book of Mormon everything that we stand for is nought. The Book of Mormon is a testament that God is not dead but is always talking to us and will always bring light when there is darkness, if we are just ready and willing to turn on the light switch. It was aewsome to recieve that revelation and my love for the Book of Mormon has only grown due to conference and my constant reading and pondering and praying. The Book of Mormon is a light to the nations and will always help us in our time of need. As well this week we had a Zone Activity in Pitrufquin where we had a huge barbeque and just played some soccer and volleyball. It was super awesome! It was a great Easter Sunday and I can't wait for the next conference. Love you always and hope for the best.

                                               Elder Haynes