Monday, March 30, 2015

Finally answering Mom's questions in detail :D

Well, at least everything sounds like it's going great and to answer your questions about the talk I gave at our latest Zone Conference - I talked about how in Ether 12 it says that we receive miracles according to our faith. But then I went a little bit deeper and found that yes its our faith but its after we receive a testimony will we receive miracles. Our testimonies are everything and if our testimony's aren't strengthened, we'll never be able to see the small miracles in our lives.

The second answer is yes, the calling as District Leader has made me super tired. I don't have any time at night to be able to just relax and unwind it's just been non-stop, drop and go traffic for me. It's great seeing how everyone in the District is doing, though time consuming and tiring worrying about everyone and just making sure that all invstigators are progressing. Tiring, but I love it!

Also, I hope the package gets here as well and put lots of Jesus stickers on it!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Love the new area.....the air is so pure.

Hey Guys

     So, it's my second week out here and I'm loving it still. To fill you in on some stuff thats going, 

1. This week in our Zone we have a great Intercambio which is basically a lot of people going to different sectors for a day to work. (Probably means I'm staying here)

2.  We had a Zone conference and a Zone meeting. The Zone meeting was just our zone and I had to give a training on how our faith brings miracles. The Zone conference was with the zone of Victoria and President Bluth came and told us about how we're going to work super closely with ward/branch leaders to help train other ward leaders to help out missionaries, so we in turn, can help members out more.

3.  We have a conference with Elder Oaks from the Qourum of the 12. He's going to be in Santiago and giving us a training through Satellite transmission.

4.  Everyone is getting super pumped for General Conference and it's going to be cool because this'll be my first time to watch it in Spanish probably. 

5.  This week there's going to be an expo which is going to be really cool and I'm going to buy some stuff to send back home.

So that's what has been going on down here. I've only got to say that I love Chile so much and it's just a beautiful country and that you guys would love to come down and see it. The air just feels so pure down here and the skies at night are just spectacular, the night is just so clear and filled with stars,  it's so nice that you can actually see satellites orbiting and everything from down here. Really, it's just an amazing country and I'm definitely going to come back after the mission. Know that I love you guys and I'm always praying for you,.

                                                  Elder Haynes 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Pumped and excited to get to work in my new area

Hey Guys,

 So I'm letting you know what going on down here. I had my cambio last week so I got transferred from Los Angeles to the most Southern part of the Mission, it's a city called Loncoche and my new comp is Elder O. and he's from Columbia/Spain. He's got  about 16-17 months in the mission so he's got some time under his belt. I'm super pumped to be out here and I feel like I'm going to love being here and teaching the people, they all seem super nice and I'm just excited to be able have a change and get to work. I've got something uploading for Ammon so I hope he likes it. It looks like we write  here, about 10-10:30 in the morning is when we start. I hope everything's going great up there for you guys in Florida and that all is well. I love you all and am always praying for you.

                                             Love Elder Haynes

New videos from Elder Haynes posted or Tmans' facebook page :)

Monday, March 9, 2015

Will miss Las Americas.....but left it in great condition for the next guy.

Train Station
Hey Guys!!!

So it looks like I'm finally stepping out of Las Americas, and guess where I'm going? Drum roll please.............. I've got a cambio to go to Lancoche (most southern part of our mission) to be a District Leader and my new companion is going to be Elder O. He's a Columbian who's got a year and a half on the mission just about so he'll have teaching down and I hope it'll be awesome to work with him. 
So what's happened here in Las Americas? Elder L. and I have been killing it! We were able to (with the help of the Lord) have 6 investigators in the chapel this Sunday and they all had a baptismal date, so they all have some attendance in church so they are all progressing which is awesome. I'm going to miss Las Americas but it looks like I'll leave it in good condition for the next guy.
It's been awesome with Elder L. and hopefully we've both grown spiritually from our 6 weeks together as companions. I've learned a lot from him and hope he's done the same. It's crazy to think I've been out here for a third of my mission already, it really does fly.
I'm sorry about the package and that it got lost but don't worry about it it'll be found in time and the letters they'll get sent some time later, hopefully. I love you guys and hope everything is going great for you guys up there in the ward and its crazy to think that wrestling season already came by so fast and is ending. Tell Ian I'm pumped and can't wait to hear how he's a State Champion. I love you guys and always will.

                                                                          Elder Haynes

One day I will take the time to rotate these,
but not today. Elder Haynes & Elder L.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Last P-Day in Las Americas

Hey Guys!!
So, I'm writing the update right now and I'll tell you all what's going on.
First off, we had interviews with President Bluth and Hermana Bluth this week and they were awesome as always. Our house was super clean and we also show them our area book. We learned how to improve it, including what we are doing good and also how we can really help the people here in Chile with a good area book.
This week is the last week of the cambio and everyone's excited about transfers and who's going to go where. I know I'm leaving this cambio and I'm super pumped to go to a new sector since it's been about 7 1/2 months since I've started here in Las Americas. I do'nt know where I'm going, just that I'm going somewhere. 
Today for P-Day we had a great time touring a dam. We got to go beneath a mountain and everything and it was such fun. It was a Zone Activity and we all were able to go just about and make some awesome memories. I'm going to miss Las Americas but I know it'll be for the best and that I'll just be doing the Lord's work out there.      
 Hope You guys enjoyed the pics and that at last you guys can see some of the cool stuff we do as missionaries on P-Dday. I love you guys and hope the best for you all.
Love, Elder Haynes