Monday, March 23, 2015

Love the new area.....the air is so pure.

Hey Guys

     So, it's my second week out here and I'm loving it still. To fill you in on some stuff thats going, 

1. This week in our Zone we have a great Intercambio which is basically a lot of people going to different sectors for a day to work. (Probably means I'm staying here)

2.  We had a Zone conference and a Zone meeting. The Zone meeting was just our zone and I had to give a training on how our faith brings miracles. The Zone conference was with the zone of Victoria and President Bluth came and told us about how we're going to work super closely with ward/branch leaders to help train other ward leaders to help out missionaries, so we in turn, can help members out more.

3.  We have a conference with Elder Oaks from the Qourum of the 12. He's going to be in Santiago and giving us a training through Satellite transmission.

4.  Everyone is getting super pumped for General Conference and it's going to be cool because this'll be my first time to watch it in Spanish probably. 

5.  This week there's going to be an expo which is going to be really cool and I'm going to buy some stuff to send back home.

So that's what has been going on down here. I've only got to say that I love Chile so much and it's just a beautiful country and that you guys would love to come down and see it. The air just feels so pure down here and the skies at night are just spectacular, the night is just so clear and filled with stars,  it's so nice that you can actually see satellites orbiting and everything from down here. Really, it's just an amazing country and I'm definitely going to come back after the mission. Know that I love you guys and I'm always praying for you,.

                                                  Elder Haynes 

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