Monday, March 9, 2015

Will miss Las Americas.....but left it in great condition for the next guy.

Train Station
Hey Guys!!!

So it looks like I'm finally stepping out of Las Americas, and guess where I'm going? Drum roll please.............. I've got a cambio to go to Lancoche (most southern part of our mission) to be a District Leader and my new companion is going to be Elder O. He's a Columbian who's got a year and a half on the mission just about so he'll have teaching down and I hope it'll be awesome to work with him. 
So what's happened here in Las Americas? Elder L. and I have been killing it! We were able to (with the help of the Lord) have 6 investigators in the chapel this Sunday and they all had a baptismal date, so they all have some attendance in church so they are all progressing which is awesome. I'm going to miss Las Americas but it looks like I'll leave it in good condition for the next guy.
It's been awesome with Elder L. and hopefully we've both grown spiritually from our 6 weeks together as companions. I've learned a lot from him and hope he's done the same. It's crazy to think I've been out here for a third of my mission already, it really does fly.
I'm sorry about the package and that it got lost but don't worry about it it'll be found in time and the letters they'll get sent some time later, hopefully. I love you guys and hope everything is going great for you guys up there in the ward and its crazy to think that wrestling season already came by so fast and is ending. Tell Ian I'm pumped and can't wait to hear how he's a State Champion. I love you guys and always will.

                                                                          Elder Haynes

One day I will take the time to rotate these,
but not today. Elder Haynes & Elder L.


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