Monday, March 30, 2015

Finally answering Mom's questions in detail :D

Well, at least everything sounds like it's going great and to answer your questions about the talk I gave at our latest Zone Conference - I talked about how in Ether 12 it says that we receive miracles according to our faith. But then I went a little bit deeper and found that yes its our faith but its after we receive a testimony will we receive miracles. Our testimonies are everything and if our testimony's aren't strengthened, we'll never be able to see the small miracles in our lives.

The second answer is yes, the calling as District Leader has made me super tired. I don't have any time at night to be able to just relax and unwind it's just been non-stop, drop and go traffic for me. It's great seeing how everyone in the District is doing, though time consuming and tiring worrying about everyone and just making sure that all invstigators are progressing. Tiring, but I love it!

Also, I hope the package gets here as well and put lots of Jesus stickers on it!

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