Monday, April 13, 2015

If the world could just pray together for one thing.....


To answer your questions: Yes, I'd like to buy a sleeping bag as I'm in the coldest part of the mission for winter and yes music can only be EFY, Mormon Tab and a group called Nashville Tribute Band. All in English, please.

So I've been trying to send some of these videos but the internet cafes here don't have really good speed, like really it takes me 5 minutes to upload a photo. But for P-Day I've been booked out the wazoo. I'll get my package and letters tomorrow for District Meeting and then we have our conference through satellite transmission with Elder Oaks this week and that will be a great a source of revelation I think.

Volcano Villarrica that recently erupted
So for this week, I've found that prayer is the answer to our problems. I wont lie, this week was a little tough for me but I was able to go to my Heavenly Father in prayer and it wasn't some gigantic feeling of joy that came to me just a small sense of peace to be able to ask my Father in heaven for help. Sincerely, I feel like if the world could just pray together for one thing just everyone together for one purpose this world would be so much better. Prayer is real and it does promise peace if we pray in faith. I love you guys and I hope the best for you all.

        Elder Haynes

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