Monday, April 27, 2015

Short and sweet, video in Dropbox

Hi Mom, 

I just kinda wrote dad an update. Elder Gonzalez from the Area Presidency is coming to our mission so we had to fill out like a 20 minute cuestionaire that took forever. I've uploaded a video to dropbox and hope you like it. I haven't gotten the package yet but it's on it's way, it's in Concepcion right now so I'll get it in the next few weeks. I already got my other package which was awesome by the way and I can't wait for the Hobbit one. 

Don't have any details yet for Mother's Day, but it'll probably be somewhere from 5- 8 our time, I think. My new comp is awesome! He's from California and he knows both Spanish and English. It's been great as a DL. it's not difficult. I don't have any time to relax, just verifying with everyone and making sure that the District is good and obedient and baptizing. Hey dad, I had a question, were you ever like a DL or ZL in the mission or not. just a question? We had a couple of Volcano explosions and everything, but were pretty protected here in Loncoche because it's a big valley. Love You dad and I'll have Mothers Day info next week. Hope all is well up there in Florida and you guys enjoyed your vacation up there.

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