Monday, May 25, 2015

Month of May...Cambios/Intercambios Cold and Wet

May 25, 2015

Hey Guys whats up,

    So it's just another week down here in Chile and all I've been doing is getting cold and wet. Actually, not wet or cold thanks to all the winter gear I've got (Mom and Dad tthanks). I've actually been super warm, my sleeping bag keeps me amazingly warm at night and it's just great to sleep in. I actually sometimes even study in it at my study desk so I can stay warm in the morning. I've got my boots and they're a little big, but when I double up on wool socks they fit just perfect so it helps to keep my feet warm as well. This week in the beginning we had a huge blast of rain that came in and just about drowned us then we had a huge cold front which means that after this cold front we're going to get hit with an even bigger blast of rain. But it's all great down here in Loncoche! We have no idea of what's going to happen this cambio because so much can change. I might stay here or I might change this cambio I don't know exactly it's a 50-50 because I was in LA for 5 cambios, they might make this a short one with me. Me and Elder G. found a couple here that are great and we hope that they'll want to progress because they literally live 20 feet from the chapel, so it wont be to hard to help them come to the church. We're super pumped to see how this week turns out actually. I have to do a baptismal interview this Tuesday or Wednesday for the Sisters in G.

May 18, 2015

So, last week I went up to Gorbea for the big Intercambio that we had and I got to work with Elder G. from my CCM District along with, Elder M., one of the assistants of the Mission. It was a great day to just really go out there and get the work done. This week, I also did an Intercambio with Elder P. and we went to a place in our sector called Huiscapi. It's even smaller than Loncoche, but it's a really cool little town of like 10,000 people. We found some people who who might be willing to listen and progress in the Gospel. Today, we had a Zone Activity up in Pitrufkin and we watched the Prince of Egypt movie, played Ping-Pong, and made sausage like sandwhiches called Chori-panes.Today is also my little brother's birthday and so we're celebrating that a little bit down here as well. 

Not a lot is happening down here in Loncoche because we don't have any really solid investigators yet that really just are like Baptize me, so we're working on that. Really, it's just crazy to think that in less than 6 months, Ammon will be out on the mission and I'll be getting ready for my last Christmas down here in Chile. That's it for today's update and I'll have a video next week, so that'll be coming up, don't worry. 

                                       Love You guys Elder Haynes 

May 12, 2015

Hey Guys

     So I had a great Mother's Day being able to talk to the family and everything. It's crazy to think about how much has happened in the last 10 months. So whats happened out here in the mission? We had interviews last week with President in Temuco and we had a zone meeting on Tuesday that was awesome, Today me and Elder G. went to Pizza Hut in Temuco for lunch, I bought some nice water proof boots and a really nice sleeping bag that's going to do a great job of keeping me warm at night. We're writing really fast so well be able to make our bus on time to get back to Loncoche, I've learned that my parents are crazy about learning everything about my mission life and that they would just kill me if I didn't send them letters and emails so I'm getting better at that. Also we've started to read the Book Of Mormon as a Mission and to complete it by August 3rd( Moms Birthday¡¡¡¡). To help me with my reading I'm doing as a Elder Bednar says and I'm highlighting and marking for one theme in the scriptures and I chose as a theme the miracles that we can find in the writings of the prophets and to let you guys know there's a bunch, if we know how to look. I'm in 1 Nephi Ch:18 right now so it's going to be great to read it again. Love you guys so much and hope the best for you as always.

                                            Love Elder Haynes

May 3, 2015

Hey Guys!!

     So alot has happened this week down in Chile. First, I've got my Skype session this week!!!!!!!!! We are going to do it 7:00 pm Chilean time down here in Loncoche. I'm going to use the same Skype account that you guys made for me, so I'll call you guys at 7:00 on Sunday night Chilean time. This week I've got a lot to do,  I've got to give a presentation on Tuesday for a zone meeting of 15-20 minutes and then I have to give a 30 minute presentation this Wednesday for the interviews we're going to have with President. It's going to be difficult but I'll get'er done. Also, last week I Got something that I've been waiting forever for...... The Package that was sent in February is what I got and it was awesome! I love it. I love you guys!!!! Really, the Hobbit stuff was awesome and the kilo of Nutella shall not survive this week. Really, it was just a great package to receive!!!!! Loved the photos and the notebook, it's really going to help with my letter writing. Also, I sent two letters today with a package in the next few weeks. Everything's going great here and just to let you guys know I love you and I'm sending out letters, but man it costs like 5$ to send one. You guys are expensive lol. But that's all, I love you guys and hope for the best..

                              -Elder Haynes

P.S. We've got something we're preparing as a house, All I have to say is that it deals with a song from Frozen and Missionary work. But that's just a hint so till next time.

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