Monday, December 15, 2014

Fitting in small spaces isn't such a bad thing

2014 Concepcion South
Christmas Conference
So this week has been crazy!!!!
CCM District
Tuesday we had a great day of work and at our almuerzo-that's just lunch for you guys- I had to climb up the attic of the members house to grab and find the Christmas tree and lights they had because I was the only one small enough to get up into the attic and be able to move around up there. So that was fun. Wednesday we had our Christmas Conference which was awesome! I finally got my Bible since my other one got destroyed, also I got to meet up with some of the people from my CCM District so that was awesome to be able to see everyone. We all had great skits and everything. 

Inter Cambio with
 Mission grandfather
Thursday I had a great inter-cambio or mini exchange with my grandfather in the mission, Elder B., who trained Elder M. so technically that's how he's my grandfather. He dies this cambio so he wanted to work one day with his grandson, one time before he leaves. It was just a great day of work we had. Friday was a good day as we got back together in Las Americas and got some work done. Then on Saturday we gave like 4 hours of service to carrying wood out to a members house, and by a lot of wood, I mean almost 2000 pieces of wood and Elder Baez and I were just pretty much working all day. Sunday we just had no time to do anyrhing because we had to prepare for a Christmas devotional that we had that pretty much took all night. We had the cambios today and noone is going anywhere, but Elder Sanders got elevated to position of District Leader which is going to be super fun, I can already tell. How's it up there with you guys and yes, I will be able to Skype with you guys on Christmas and also email you guys like twice in the same week because of New Years as well. It's going to be awesome down here and hope everything will be with you guys.
  -Elder Haynes

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