Monday, November 10, 2014

Work! Work! Work!

Hey Guys,

                  So this week was hectic as always, on Monday Elder M. got the call to go back to a previous area again and the funny thing is that his new comp is Elder C., who was my comp in the CCM, small world huh? Tuesday, I picked up my new comp Elder B. who's from Santiago, and he's finishing his mission in 3 months. He's extremely chill and loves to have the members help us out in our lessons so our investigators have someone who's not dressed in white with a nametag to fellowship with. Tuesday was mostly spent trying to get him settled into the area and introducing him to the leaders of the ward. Wednesday was slow and just mainly searching for new and have some lessons.
Thursday, we got a call from Elder Pendley, the Accountant of the Mission and he told us that we have till December 1st to find another house, because the people who own the house are going to need it for family who's moving to LA. If we cant find anywhere, we're going to have to sleep in the chapel for a little while. Friday we had our activity which more or less worked out. We didn't have alot of attendence at the activity but we, as the missionaries, taught well - I thought. Saturday was spent working in the Cuico section of our sector to find futures and to find a really interested new investigator as well. We found 5 new futures and 1 new investigator which was a serious blessing because we found almost nothing the first time. Sunday we had a hard time trying to find people in the Rios/slightly ghetto part of our sector. We found a couple of futures and we taught one of investigators named V. who's searching so hard to find out if the Book Of Mormon is true or not. We think the problem is it's because she's not attending the church so she's not getting this extra spiritual boost to learn and hear the whisperings of the spirit.
I've realized that there's alot of stuff I should've done before the mission, I didn't spend nearly enough time with my family, my brothers and sister and parents as I should have. But I've learned so much and when I come back there's alot of things that are going to be different. I love you guys and hope everyone is safe and that everyone's great up there in Florida.
                                                     Love- Elder Haynes

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