Monday, November 3, 2014

Many Noche De Hogar!

Hey Guys,
Sorry, no pics since my bag and camera fell in the canal.
I`ve had a great week here in the Misiòn Celestial. Monday we had a Noche De Hogar (Family Home Evening) with a less active family and we watched the John Tanner movie, which was awesome to explain how someone who had so much was able,willing and did give all he had to the church and how we can keep the commandments as John Tanner did.
Tuesday we were planning for our activity for this Friday, that`s aiming to help and encourage the members to talk to their neighbors and to share the Gospel in their lives at home more, leading to referrals. The problem is that alot of people dont feel comfortable, so we`re showing them how we can do it together.
Wednesday was a difficult day for us. We were contacting in the Cuico section of the area, which is about a 40 minute walk, trying to find more investigators. We struck gold and found not only a super receptive person named F. in a very difficult area but she also speaks English as well. She studied for 6 years in New Zealand which is really cool, and she wants to hear more from us, so I have hope.
Thursday was unproductive trying to find more people to teach, but we had a lesson with someone who could hopefully have a baptismal date very soon named C. Friday was filled with more contacting this week and was probably the hardest day for us.
Saturday we had the Dia Sagrado (Holy Day) where alot of people go to the cemetaries to pay respects to their ancestors. We set up a booth to teach about the Plan of Salvation and trying to help people to be relieved in their grief.
Sunday was awesome as always, we had a Noche de Hogar (FHE) with Familia E. and with Familia I. which was awesome as we listened to a talk by Elder Zabellos titled Attempting the Impossible. It's about how we can learn in this life how to try to attempt the impossible and thats by keeping the commandments! Also we watched a mormon message called Because of Him which is awesome and I recommend you guys watch it.
Today we had the cambio (transfer) and I`ve offically finished my training. Elder M. is going to Temuco and he`s going to be with my old comp Elder C., so that's pretty cool. My new comp is going to be Elder B., who's Chileno. He`s got the missionary experience down and he'll help me with my Spanish and I`ll help him with his English.
It`s crazy to think that four months have gone by and that the mission has just flown by. Only 20 months left to go. I hope everything's good in the ward and at home and that everything is going great up there.        
                                                                              Love, Elder Haynes

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