Monday, September 22, 2014

Dies Y Ocho

Hey Guys,
 How are you all and how's everything going?!!  So a lot happened this week. We just had our cambio (change) and one of the elders of the house, Elder Y., is being transferred to a different sector. His Junior Comp (companion) is now going to be a Senior Comp and trainer, so he's going to be very busy. This just means I'll have a new cousin (new roommate) on the mission now, so that'll be great. I got my contacts today so its going to be 120,000 Chilean pesos so I don't know the conversion, but probably 200 dollars I think or somewhere around there.
This week was the week of dies y ocho which is Chile's Independence day and it's a huge celebration that we were able to spend with the Bishop's family. We had a lot of assado which is just basically lots of meat on the grill. So, we had a ton of food and yes, I have gained some weight, just don't tell coach on me.

We've got a new family named the B.'s that we are teaching and were super pumped for them. Also, we have gotten a whole lot of new investigators and some of them have baptismal dates. It's hard to get them to come to church right now so its been hard to have a baptism happen. I'm so glad to have the chance to be out here and to preach His gospel to bless families everywhere. I love you guys and hope everything is great there.


 - Love Elder Haynes



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