Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Seeing in Double Vision

Hey Guys!!!!

ZL who reminds me
of Elder Rust
              Hows everything going up there in Florida? I hope conference was great, it was for me as the first time that I watched all the sessions which I will recommend to everyone from now on!!! So many things I realized I've missed because I didn't watch the Saturday (afternoon) Sessions which I felt like had some of the best stuff. Which one was your guys' favorite talk? Everyone in the mission was super glad for Elder Bednar's for those who aren't members, which was awesome for everyone. We had 5 investigators come to church for General Conference so we were extremely glad for that and hopefully they'll keep coming. Everyone's super-pumped for missionary work and I was thankful for the opportunity to watch and understand in English (we usually hear the voice of an interpreter and it was nice to hear everyone's natural voices). I've realized something though and it's that I've started to forget English. One of our recent converts named R. asked if I could say a prayer in English and as I was saying it half the time, I was saying Spanish words for the English ones, so needless to say my language is coming along great. In my weekly letter to the President, I'm sending them in Spanish now which is why it takes me a little longer to get back to you guys, but I still get plenty of time.
Awesome Sandwich

I've sent a pic of my lunch today since it was a great P-Day (preparation day - laundry, shopping, etc.) lunch and also a pic of my ZL (Zone Leader) who looks exactly like one of of my mission buds, Elder Rust, who's serving  in Paraguay right now. When I saw him I was wondering how the heck did he get transferred from Paraguay to Chile, but it turned out he's just a ZL who looks a lot like him. I've got the list of questions you sent and I'm gonna write down the list of answers for next week. Also, I've received a few of the Dear Elder letters, which was really nice. I'm not gonna lie, I received three of them and I'll probably get more next week with this AP training that we'll have. Love you all and hope that you guys will write.

I know I look awesome on this bike!
Belongs to a member who let me pose.
P.S. That's perfect with the package and yes I'll be writing and sending a letter next P-Day for you guys with some cool stuff I got.  Cool to see the gator and yes, I'll probably get the package this week and thanks for the Mormonads.    

                                  -Love Elder Haynes

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