Thursday, September 4, 2014

Everything is Awesome!

Hey Guys!

The Spanish is coming along but I need to still continually work on it. Zone Conferences are great except for the fact that they're always in Spanish and I miss some stuff, but I'm learning. My comp, Elder M., has been out a whole year so he's got the missionary thing down. We went to a waterfall last week and I'm trying to send pics again, so hopefully it works this week.

To answer your questions.........the food here is generally good and I only have to make breakfast and dinner because the members make us Almuerzo (lunch) everyday except for P-day, where we are on our own. Our laundry gets done by Hermana F., who is our Mamacita in the ward. I've been semi-working out but not a fan of getting out of my warm bed into a 60 degree house at 7 in the morning, but I'm working on it.The Jesus the Christ reading is great. I've gotten to page 400 in the last two weeks. It rains a lot down here so we need to generally always have a jacket. Everybody's pumped for September 18th which is the biggest holiday of the year because it's Chile's Independence Day-everyone down here goes crazy for it! Yes, we have enough money for our needs. So, no worries.

We've got 150 people in the ward generally and I've heard this is the best area in the mission. We teach anyone and everyone who's willing to listen to our message. It's been great! We'll sometimes come across a whole family of investigators, and I love it when they're ready and willing to participate in the lesson. Just the other night we taught an investigator named F. and he's really prepared to listen to our message. He wants to know more about why there are so many churches in our day and not just one church.  

Love you guys and can’t wait for Christmas!
                                                             Elder Haynes

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