Monday, January 5, 2015

On Fire...a Gator Fan and American Burgers!

Woah Dad, so much is happening here since elder baez is dying (going home). I'm actually in Temuco and visiting all his old sectors. We have a cambio on the 27th of January. I know I need to improve out here so I'm really using this week to just try and have a bunch of fire talking to people and trying to get doors open to talk with them and share a message.

I hope Nephi's allright with the 5 teeth out. Tell me you locked him in the RV with something to entertain him at least so he wasn't to bored. Thats aweasome that Elder Anderson's coming down I would've loved the ability to be there and hear him. You guys are going to have to tell me how it went. Also, today I went to a place called Jacks and its a guy who makes American burgers and he lived at florida for like 20 years and he's a huge Gator fan so he was telling me alot of what's been going on and yes - he speaks perfect Chileno and English. I got a sick picture with a Florida Banner in his restuaraunt which is awesome!!! Hope you love the pics. Also the Burgers were really good and reminded me so much of home it was great. Hope everythings good up there and yeah I'll be able to hold out till the 15th so dont worry about it. It's going to be like another 3weeks until I can send the other package for Christmas. With Baez leaving we got hit with the news that he needed to visit his sectors today and next week as well for P-day. I love you guys and hope that hearing one of the Apostles speak will be awesome.
                                                 Love your son,

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