Monday, January 26, 2015

New DL, New Comp, Pray for C & K

Hey guys!!!!

ZL's and Baez heading home
So I've got tons of news for you guys. First off, I stay here in Las Americas for another cambio up til sometime in March and then I don't know what will happen. I got a call from one of the Assistants this morning telling me that this cambio I'm going to be a District Leader in our Los Angeles sector for 3 companerismos. What's funny is that the Zone Leaders are in my district, so whenever there's a baptism I have to do the interview for them.
Also, I said good bye to Elder B. and now he's in Concepciòn and tomorrow will be on his plane to Santiago to finish his mission. My new companion will be Elder L., who was the comp of Elder Galbreath in the CCM. From all that I've heard of him, it sounds like he's alot like I am which I think is going to be really great for the both of us to work super hard and get the work done! We also had an mission activity where I got to meet back up with my CCM group and we all chilled out playing games and having a good time.

I'm super pumped for all things that are happening out here and just can't wait to start this cambio with a baptism. We found two people this week when we were searching for less active members. We found an inactive named C. and his wife K. who's not a member, but is searching for the truth. They came to both the Sacrament and a baptism that another ward had and she loved it all. Please pray for them and keep them in your prayers that she'll be able to recieve that confirmation of the truth that we teach.
Love you all and keep going forward,
Elder Haynes          

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