Monday, February 2, 2015


So this week we had cambios and I got my new Companion, Elder L., who was the companion of Elder G. in the CCM, so now it looks like those two are back in the same house together. Elder L. has a fire to work, which is just what I needed after the last couple of cambios and especially with the calling of being a District Leader. I feel like I've just been slammed with alot of responsibility this week and Elder Langeveld has help to keep me motivated with all the work I've got to do, trying to make sure that all of the other companionships in the District are doing well and it just kind of came at me like a tidal wave this week. It's not to bad being a District Leader, it's actually kind of fun and I can't wait for the next cambio. I love Las Americas but I feel like I need a change and so I'm going to work hard out here but I'm also pumped to know that next cambio I'm probably kicking out of here to work somewhere else. I hope everything's good with you guys up there and know that when I get back I'll want a special dark fudge brownie milkshake from steak and shake.

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