Monday, February 23, 2015

Bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to families is exciting!

Hey Guys!!

So I know I haven't given a good P-Day update in a little while but I want to let you guys know what's going on down here in little old LA.
First off, on Monday of last week we had a lunch with Presidente Bluth because our Zone was the first Zone to complete a goal of 12 baptisms in one month as a Zone. So our old zone got back together and we had a great lunch of tacos and other awesome foods while we were there. We've been working really hard up here in Las America's and I'm super excited that we found C. and his family with Elder B. C. is a less-active member that we met and then we started to teach his wife, K. as well and now his brother is participating in the lessons and he's got a fecha bautismal for the 7th of March! I'm having a great time out here and I'm just trying to do my best. My new companion, Elder L. and I are still working to find people who progress to baptism. It's been difficult to help people  understand the need, so we try our best to help them to comprehend the message.
How's it going over there for you guys and getting finished with school and everything. I hope life isn't killing you guys over there and that it's great with the family and everything. Hopefully you guys haven't died yet without me. How's the ward now that Dad's got a little bit of responsibility? 
I love you guys and I'm always praying for you, 

                                                                                    Elder Haynes

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