Monday, February 9, 2015

The Lord is with you at all times - including dog bites!

He never told us what this contraption is.....
guesses have included a port a potty or cab of a truck?
Hey guys so nothing big happened this week, except a dog bite. Trying to find more people and trying to help the people we've got now. Yes, I did get bit by a dog this week and yes mom, I did recieve my rabies shots so don't worry and it didnt do anything too bad just barely opened up the top layer of skin. I would send a pic but it was practically nothing and I know you guys would be like "Oh my goodness, he had to get a shot for that little thing" so I just decided to say that yes, I am just complying with the Mission Rules.
     This week we found a lot of people but it's hard to move forward and teach them again because they'll disappear or they are too busy to be able to meet with us. One of the things we want to improve is to try and find new investigators that will actually keep up with us and show signs of wanting to progress in the Gospel. We've found some people this week who are just almost perfect, it's just really hard to get people to come on Sunday.
      We've got two people that we're really focusing on at this time named V. and K., they are so close!! V. fasted with us to help her find an answer and K. is the wife of an inactive member that we found who is geared and ready to reactivate. He wants that his wife can be baptized so they can be sealed in the temple. His name is C. and I'm so excited for him and his willingness to return back to the Church!
       We've been working like machines out here to get the work done and I'm so pumped we have people progressing. We're going to do the work it takes to do it. I love you guys and I hope all is well. I know this Sunday is Dad's birthday so I've got a HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! surprise coming next P-day, so dont worry about not getting an email. I love you guys and wish the best for you in all things and that the Lord is always with you at all times.

                                                        Love Elder Haynes

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